NestFi is a new Fantasy Gaming app that allows people to research, win rewards.

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NestFi believes in power of community over power of one. Let's grow together.


Two is better than one especially when we can multiply our efforts.

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NestFi talks about its partners at every given opportunity.

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NestFi believes in equal share when it comes to audience reach or any revenue share

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Got some questions?

NestFi is a new fantasy gaming platform which uncomplicates crypto and financial markets for users. The games are constructed with clear vision to make it fun for users but at the same time getting users more educated before they actually invest in crypto.

NestFi allows users to earn sats (fractional bitcoin) every time they engage on the app & play games. There are no expiry dates to these rewards. So stack these sats & get earning!

Satoshis or sats are small denomination of a bitcoin. 1 Bitcoin = 100 million sats.

On NestFi, you earn the chance to win millions of sats by playing interactive games & doing simple activities.

You can redeem sats by providing a valid wallet address & leave the rest to us.

We don’t sell cryptocurrency or any other digital asset. NestFi is a fantasy gaming platform with prime intention of simplifying users’ web 3 journey.

No. Nest never provides any financial advice neither it is a broker dealer, transactional intermediary, counterparty or investment advisor. 

If you are creating a Nest and any community user subscribes to it, you will start earning on each subscription. We’re creating a simulated environment for crypto financial markets and do not allow any investment in the crypto. 

Nests are created and managed by the community users using Nest platform. Anyone can create a Nest and publish it to start earning.

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